We begin with a free initial phone call; this will allow you to get a sense of my personality and style, discuss issues that you are dealing with and confirm that we could be a good therapeutic fit. This is followed by an intake session that lasts 60 minutes. During this session you will have a chance to become comfortable in the space as we get to know each other, and we will take the time to explore your motivation for seeking therapy as well as gather background information. We will also discuss your intentions and goals and the structure of the therapeutic process. We will take time to answer any questions or concerns you may have. Psychotherapy sessions may include the use of art therapy, sandtray therapy, hypnotherapy, and past life regression therapy. We will discuss the benefits and limitations of these modalities in our initial session, and together will form a treatment plan to best meet your needs.

Past Life regression

Independent past life regression sessions begin with an initial 45 minute appointment. During this time, we’ll discuss your motivation for experiencing past life regression and your intentions and goals. We’ll talk about what hypnosis is and feels like, and address any fears and potential obstacles. I will perform deep relaxation hypnosis to assess your suggestibility, and we’ll wrap up the session by reviewing your experience and scheduling your past life regression.

The majority of a 90 minute past life regression is spent in hypnotic trance, where you will be immersed in fully experiencing and describing significant past/future lives in a safe and protected way; You are always in control. The session concludes with time spent resting in a peaceful and restorative state, reviewing lessons learned and connecting what you’ve encountered to your present life. This is a powerful and rewarding experience, and often acts as a catalyst for emerging self-narrative, transformative acceptance, and deep understanding and empowerment in your current experience.


Fee Schedule

45 min, $100 | 60 min, $130 | 90 min, $200


Feel free to get in touch if you are interested in talking before scheduling an appointment. Alternatively, you can book your initial session by clicking below: