Quantum healing through Past Life Regression and Future Progression


the long view: a holistic, contextual paradigm

Accessing past and possible future lives through hypnosis is a compelling technique for healing and resolving inner discord, inter-personal conflict, and dysfunctional patterns of relationships. It is useful for transforming problems of anxiety, fear, feeling blocked, lost, unfulfilled, or otherwise restricted from the full expression of yourself, and other problems or impairments. The process of past life regression & future progression and subsequent integration of felt-sense experience and deep insight may help you gain perspective on yourself, your task in life, and your experience in relationships, allowing you to clear unconscious entanglements & reenactments and more fully inhabit and express yourself. 


Hypnosis is a state of intense focused concentration, where peripheral distractions are minimized or excluded. It can be used as a clinical technique to facilitate deep relaxation and peacefulness while promoting mental alertness and full sensory perception. You are always in control. Through hypnosis, you can access suppressed or forgotten memories from childhood, in utero, and previous lives in a way that is completely safe and fosters understanding & transforms perspective. You can even encounter possible future lives, gaining tremendous insight into your direction and journey which helps to inform your present-day choices, behaviors, and outlook.