Art therapy

"Art can permeate the very deepest parts of us, where no words exist." - Eileen Miller


Art therapy is an opportunity to express your feelings and form a bridge to your unconscious through creative work. Because we do not focus singularly on your ability to verbalize, it can be very useful for people who have difficulty putting their emotions and feelings into words. No previous artistic experience or skill is required for art therapy to be deeply beneficial, and I work with people from all walks of life. Engaging in art making is a powerful way to communicate from a deep place within, gain reflective insight, and develop transformative perspective.

Encountering oneself through a creative process allows for safely exploring feelings, reconciling emotional conflicts, fostering self-awareness, managing behavior and addictions, developing social skills, improving reality orientation, reducing anxiety, and increasing self-esteem. Art therapy can be particularly effective for those who find it difficult to access, remember, engage with, or process unresolved or painful experiences.