Groups & Classes


The Creative collective: the alchemy of art

Fridays, October 18-December 13, 7:00-9:00pm

Through spiritual inquiry, open discussion, self-reflection, hypnotherapy & artmaking, we will go on a reflective & transformative journey through the seven stages of alchemy. Each participant works on a single canvas throughout the nine-week course, focusing on a particularly alchemical stage each week. We identify each stage, discuss our personal connection to the action, access deep & meaningful resonance through group hypnosis & explore our transforming lives through the mirror of our canvases. This is an intentional group that meets weekly for 2 hours. This is a powerful and playful group, and you will be supported to move through your process at your own best rate and pace. Cost is $85 per session; All materials & supplies provided, including 24x36” or 30x30” 1.5”profile premium stretched canvas [$95 value]. If you are a new client, we will first schedule a brief, friendly intake meeting; pre-registration required.

the Creative Collective: an artmaking therapy group

An art-therapy group for creative adults who want to come together to work on individual pieces with therapeutic directive and intention in a consciously held and protected space. The goal is to use artmaking as a way to access, explore, and process unresolved and resolving issues, beliefs, experiences, and perspectives. The beginning & end of each session is devoted to reflective sharing and exploring personal process. This is an open and ongoing therapy group. If you are interested but feel intimidated: there is no previous artmaking experience required! You will be supported in practicing creative self-expression and insightful self-reflection at your own best rate and pace. Cost is $45 per session; All art materials and supplies provided. If you are a new client, we will schedule a brief in-person meeting before you attend your first group. Contact me for more information.


deep peacefulness: self-care hypnotherapy

Group hypnotherapy sessions for increased peacefulness, relaxation and perspective. Cost is $30 per group, payment reserves your space. Space is limited, registration required. Please be aware that experiences vary with each individual. Autumn 2019 dates and times TBA.